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Data Storage & Back Up Solutions

We are of Service Provider of Data Storage and Back Up Solutions and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Data Storage & Back Up Solutions

Empower Your Data Management: Data Storage & Back-Up Solutions by Atish Enterprises

Welcome to Atish Enterprises, your trusted partner in harnessing the power of efficient data storage and reliable back-up solutions. Explore our comprehensive range of data management offerings designed to keep your critical information secure, accessible, and ready for whenever you need it.

Discover Our Data Storage & Back-Up Solutions:

1. Robust Data Storage:

Experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable and scalable data storage solutions. We offer a range of options to accommodate businesses of all sizes.


    Network-Attached Storage (NAS):

    Centralize data storage and sharing with NAS solutions that provide secure access, simplified management, and collaborative capabilities for your workforce.

    Storage Area Network (SAN):

    Enhance performance and scalability with SAN solutions that offer high-speed access to centralized storage resources, ideal for data-intensive applications.

2. Efficient Back-Up Solutions:

Safeguard your data against loss and ensure business continuity with our efficient back-up solutions.


    Automated Back-Ups:

    Our systems are designed to perform automated data back-ups at scheduled intervals, ensuring your critical information is always protected.

    Off-Site Back-Ups:

    Secure your data against physical disasters or hardware failures with our off-site back-up solutions, providing an additional layer of redundancy.

3. Data Recovery Services:

In the event of data loss, our data recovery services are here to help you retrieve valuable information from damaged or corrupted storage devices.


    Expert Technicians:

    Our skilled technicians utilize advanced techniques to recover data from a variety of storage devices, helping you minimize data loss and disruptions.

4. Comprehensive Support and Services:

We believe in offering end-to-end solutions that ensure your data is protected and accessible whenever you need it.


    Consultation and Assessment:

    Our experts work closely with you to understand your data storage and back-up requirements, recommending solutions that best match your needs.

    Installation and Configuration:

    Trust our experienced technicians to install and configure your data storage and back-up systems, ensuring seamless integration with your existing infrastructure.

    Regular Monitoring and Maintenance:

    We provide regular monitoring to ensure the health and performance of your storage and back-up solutions. Our maintenance services keep your systems up-to-date and secure.

Contact us today to explore how our data storage and back-up solutions can help you manage your data effectively and ensure its availability whenever you need it.

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